Western man attacks Chinese man on road in Pattaya

Photo via PPTV HD

A witness posted a video of a Western man attacking a Chinese man on a pavement along Southern Pattaya Road in Pattaya in the early hours of Wednesday, May 24.

The witness, 31 year old Pom, told ThaiRath that she spotted a fracas among a group of people while riding a motorcycle past the scene at 3am. She decided to stop and check on the situation where she discovered a Western man violently attacking a Chinese man on the pavement.

According to Pom, locals and motorcycle taxi riders attempted to intervene and stop the foreign attacker, but their efforts were fruitless. A Thai woman, believed to be the attacker’s girlfriend, prevented others from interfering and shouted…

“No one can stop him! If he is angry, no one can intervene. Do you know that this man (the Chinese man) crashed his car into me? I nearly lost my life! Who will be responsible if I die? This is not enough. He deserves what he is getting. Do you know how powerful the foreigner is?”

Pom added that the Chinese man did not fight back. He collapsed to the floor and kept saying sorry to the Western man. She also noticed that the Western man wore a uniform that looked similar to a police officer.

Pom questioned eyewitnesses present at the scene. They informed her that the Western man, accompanied by the Thai woman, had been following the car of the Chinese man. When the Chinese man stopped at a traffic light, the Western man forcibly removed the Chinese man from his vehicle. Consequently, the Chinese man’s car collided with another car on the road.

Pom said the Thai woman who was with the Western man complained to her because she recorded the video and handed it over to the police. Pom said…

“I shared the video with news agencies because I want everyone to see the inappropriate acts of some foreigners in Thailand. That man appears to have no fear of Thai law. Although I’m uncertain of the final outcome, I believe it’s important for everyone to view the video.”

Police officers dashed to the scene and managed to suppress the incident but no further updates regarding the case have been disclosed.


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