Thai commerce minister targets US for premium rice exports boost

Thai Commerce Minister Phumtham Wechayachai, during his visit to the US, affirmed his determination to boost exports of premium rice and other food products from Thailand. His ambition is to amplify exports of rice and food items from the Land of Smiles by 1.75 billion baht.

The US, Thailand’s second largest trading partner and the principal importer of Thai hom mali fragrant rice, importing 605,170 tonnes, is a prime target for escalating exports.

While in Los Angeles, Phumtham Commerce Minister, aims to foster trade relations and broaden the network of partners in the US market. The Western US, in particular, with its substantial Thai and Asian community possessing impressive purchasing power, is of special interest.

Between January 18 and 19, Phumtham is set to hold meetings with major importers and US business owners like Golden Star Trading Inc., Ralphs Fresh Fare, United Natural Foods Inc., LAX-C Inc., and Overhill Farm Inc. The agenda also includes in-store promotions for Thai hom mali rice products, signing a memorandum of understanding for Thai rice sales, and presenting Thai Select logos to Thai restaurants.

To promote Thai food content, Phumtham plans to meet with US influencers. Furthermore, discussions are lined up to explore possibilities of collaboration to widen distribution channels for small and medium-sized Thai entrepreneurs interested in expanding their market into the US, reported Bangkok Post.

Phumtham revealed that he had instructed overseas commercial counsellors in each country to leverage local influencer networks to broaden opportunities for Thai products, Phumtham said.

“The US is a large market and we have longstanding trade relations with the country. It is a significant market for Thai hom mali rice and the Asian community here favours Thai cuisine.

“During our trip, we will examine the warehouses for product distribution to ensure a comprehensive system and enhance product quality to a premium level, benefiting Thai farmers.”

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