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Woman faints and falls, hitting Bangkok BTS train this morning

A woman in Bangkok has fainted, briefly disrupting services at the Morchit BTS station in the capital.

The Nation reports that a woman fainted as a the skytrain service was approaching the Morchit station this morning, falling over and hitting the train as it came into the station, causing services to be temporarily disrupted.

According to the Facebook page “What’s happening to BTS today”, which monitors the BTS service, the incident took place at 8:35 am.

The page says the woman hit the train as she fell but did not fall onto the tracks.

But Dr Anat Arbhabhirama, the chairman of the advisory board of the Bangkok Mass Transit System Public Company Limited (BTSC), insisted the train and the woman did not come into contact. Speaking to reporters after services at the Morchit station were resumed, he said the train had stopped when the woman fainted and fell onto the platform.

Anat says security officers rushed to help her and rush her to hospital. The rescue operations prompted the platform on the side with an escalator to be closely briefly, causing many passengers to accumulate at the station.

He insisted that the woman hit a stationery train. Anat said the BTSC would rush to install guard doors at all 23 of its stations as soon as possible. He said guard doors have already been installed at nine stations – Siam, Asoke, Onnuj, Phayathai, Victory Monument, Saladaeng, Chidlom, Prompong, and Chong Nonsee, leaving 14 more to be installed.

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