Bangkok’s first LGBTQ parade in over a decade

Bangkok yesterday held its first LGBTQ+ parade since 2006. Many members of the community flocked to the Naruemit Pride event, wearing outrageous rainbow-themed attire and waving rainbow flags down Silom Road.

A collaboration of non-governmental organisations planned the first event in 16 years, which also received the blessing of the city’s freshly elected Governor, Chadchart Sittipunt.

Several LGBTQ+ activists attended the parade to urge basic rights for the LGBTQ+ community, including same-sex marriage, an end to sexual harassment, and the legalisation and registration of sex workers. While Thailand as a whole largely accepts the LGBTQ+ community, they still encounter obstacles like same-sex marriage because of the kingdom’s traditional Buddhist belief and conservative leadership.

Parliament has yet to pass legislation allowing same-sex marriage. They agreed on a proposal to increase rights in March but the cabinet rejected a plan to acknowledge same-sex partnerships as equal to heterosexual couples.

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Miss Tiffany Universe, a transgender beauty pageant contestant, Maysa Petkam, voiced her opinion at the event yesterday.

“I don’t want people to think we are different. We don’t want more rights than other genders, we only want basic rights. I wish the same-sex marriage law passes so that there will be laws that protect and decrease gender inequality.”

The wedding ceremony of a same-sex couple dressed in white gowns took place in the middle of the parade and attracted the attention of the crowd. The issue of marital rights was especially important to the engaged couple.

“My beloved friends walk together and gave us a special moment in our life. Everyone has the right of raising a family, love and marriage with anyone they love. Why we can’t do that as a human being?”

SOURCE: Bangkok Post | Thai PBS

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