Teacher’s mysterious fall from Bangkok condo raises questions

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A recently appointed teacher fell to his death from a condo under mysterious circumstances, just before he was due to report for duty, raising suspicions among his family. The incident occurred on June 30, and police are now investigating.

On June 30, a newly appointed teacher, Nat, fell to his death from a high-rise condo in Huai Khwang, Bangkok, under mysterious circumstances. The body was found in a state of undress, prompting questions from his family, who asserted he had no reason to end his life. Nat had recently celebrated passing his teacher recruitment exam and was preparing to start his new job on July 1.

Nat’s relatives are particularly puzzled by the circumstances of his death. The last images from the condo’s balcony show a mobile phone, a power bank, and cigarettes, suggesting he might have been there just before the fall. The balcony is not very high, adding to the mystery. The family firmly believes Nat had no reason to be distressed, as he had recently shared his happiness about becoming a teacher with them.

Footage from the condo’s CCTV revealed Nat and eight friends returning to the condo, including the room’s owner where the incident took place. This was the last time Nat was seen alive. His parents are sceptical about the idea of him committing suicide, given that he had no apparent reason to do so and was excited about his new teaching position.

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Nat’s father expressed his doubts about the circumstances surrounding his son’s death. He mentioned that Nat never slept in just his underwear, as was found in this case. Nat had recently surprised his father with the news of his success in the teacher recruitment exam, making it hard for his parents to believe he would take his own life.

Nat’s close female friend, Sun, who was the last person to video call him, also questioned the suicide theory. She stated that she usually could reach Nat without any issues but on that night she could only contact him three times: at 11pm, 1am, and 2.30am.

Mysterious fall

The last video call, which lasted until 3.38am, showed Nat looking dishevelled and anxious, constantly glancing around as if he was wary of someone. Sun noted that Nat did not express any grievances about his life and seemed unusually paranoid during the call. He was shirtless but did not go near the balcony, making her doubt the suicide narrative, reported KhaoSod.

Police have since summoned Nat’s friends and the condo’s owner for questioning at Huai Khwang Police Station. They are awaiting forensic evidence to shed more light on the case, particularly focusing on the balcony railings, handrails, and curtains. If there is any suspicion that Nat was pushed, fingerprints and other forensic evidence will be crucial in determining what happened.

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