Police officer accused of leaking sex video of lover on Twitter

PHOTO: A spurned police officer is accused of leaking a secret sex tape of his lover to Twitter. (via Sanook)

In the past few months, The Thaiger has covered multiple stories of the police busting women selling sex videos on OnlyFans and social media like Twitter and the LINE app, and even a special warning against dressing up as sexy police officers when making adult material on OnlyFans, but today’s story of sex, police, and the internet, has a different twist.

In Nonthaburi, a woman is asking the police to arrest a fellow officer after he leaked a sex tape of their secret relationship to friends and later on Twitter. She had originally gone to the local Pak Kret Police Station about problems with the officer after she tried to end their affair, but perhaps it was a bit of a boy’s club and she ended up having to go to the larger Metropolitan Police for help yesterday.

The Thai woman, identified only as a Ploy, said that she had started an affair with a police lance corporal after they met on a dating site in May of 2020. They both already had partners so they chatted secretively before starting to meet up to take the next step to a sexual relationship.

The trouble began when, after 8 months of hooking up, Ploy tried to end their affair. But the police officer refused and fought with her prompting her to ask his superiors to take disciplinary action. He was enraged by her escalation and demanded she withdraw her complaint.

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When she refused, he began sending out a video of the pair having sex that the woman claimed was filmed without her knowledge. At first he sent it to a friend and that friend’s sister, but by November 2021, the video has been posted to Twitter.

The public posting was clearly an act of revenge porn as it was posted to an account made to look like it was the woman’s personal account and using her photo for an avatar. The account included her personal phone number and claimed that interested people could call to have sex with her.

She told Metropolitan Police she received a large amount of harassing calls that made her feel unsafe and asked them to take immediate action. The police are investigating the situation now, but if actioned, the offending officer could face charges under Thailand’s pornography laws as well as their internet crime laws.


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