Bangkok’s subway introduces new payment methods featuring Visa and Master

Photo courtesy of MRT Bangkok Metro Facebook.

The burden of queuing up to purchase your ticket at machines or top-up from ticket booths at Bangkok’s subway is now soon to be gone with MRT introducing new contactless payment methods with Visa and Mastercard, according to its official Facebook post. Passengers will be able to scan there credit card at the gate rather than touching a plastic token to the reader.

The Bangkok Mass Rail Transit system, which is known as Bangkok’s subway, has been running since 2004 with its Blue Line that stretches 21 kilometres from Hua Lam Phong railway station to Bang Sue in the north-central part of the capital with 18 stations in between, and it’s a magic trick to avoid the heavy traffic. It extended the Purple Line in 2016, which serves the north-western part of Bangkok and Nonthaburi Province.

It differs from the BTS Skytrain, which is an elevated light rail rapid transit system similar to the MRT but runs above the ground. An average ticket on the MRT runs from around 16 baht to 41 baht, which is about US$0.50 to US$1.33

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SOURCE: Times Out Bangkok

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