4 teenagers arrested from a sadistic gang of 17

Police arrested four teenagers from a sadistic gang of 17 members who kidnapped, tortured, and forced three teenage victims to perform oral sex for one of the gang members.

One of the gang members is reported to be an actor in a Thai Netflix series while a perverse woman in the group is reported to be famous on Thai TikTok.

The three teen boys: 17 year old Oat, 17 year old Sub, and 18 year old Fluke, were kidnapped and taken to a house in Soi Ramkanhaeng 63 in the Hua Mark area of Bangkok on October 27. They were threatened with guns, forced to eat cigarette buts, drink urine, perform oral sex, kiss, and punch each other. The victims were also humiliated by the Thai woman who burned their penises and pubic hair with a lighter.

The gang also blackmailed the victims. The three teenagers promised they would not go to the police but the barbaric gang went back on their promise not to upload the degrading videos and posted them on social media. It was then the three victims decided to file a complaint.

Channel 3 reported yesterday, November 15, that six members of the gang were under the age of 18 years old while the other 11 were over the age of 18.

The one female member of the group is allegedly a famous TikToker called Ploy. She has not surrendered herself to the police.

Police yesterday issued 13 arrest warrants and four summonses against the sadistic group but only four have been arrested so far.

The owner of the house, named E, was one of the arrested suspects. E’s father told the media that he was not at home on the day of the incident and was unaware of the problem. He knew that his son had brought friends to the house. He said he believed the group came to meditate together.

Another member arrested, 17 year old Tle, admitted that he tortured the victims but said he did not force any of the victims to have oral sex.

Tle’s grandmother said that her grandson was a good boy at home but did not know much about his friends. She added that she couldn’t afford to bail out Tle and said he had to go through the legal process.

According to a report on Channel 3, every suspect involved in the case will be initially charged with holding others captive, forcing others to do acts against that person’s will, and physically assaulting others.

The police reported that they would process the charges against the group first and consider whether any of the children’s parents were involved.

ORIGINAL STORY: 3 teen boys kidnapped, tortured, and forced to perform oral sex by sadistic gang

Three teen boys were kidnapped, tortured, and forced to engage in gay sex against their will at gunpoint by a sadistic gang of teenagers at a house in the Hua Mark area of Bangkok.

The victims suffered burns on their penises, were forced to drink urine, take part in oral sex, and fight with each other. Only one offender has been arrested by police.

The three boys, 17 year old Oat, 17 year old Sub, and 18 year old Fluke, filed complaints with the police after they escaped their imprisonment and torture by 17 teenagers aged between 17 to 19 for three days between October 27 and 19.

Oat said that he used to study at the Minburi Polytechnic Technological College but quit. He believes the kidnappers were students from another polytechnic college.

Oat told revealed he was kidnapped by two teenagers named Tle and Gift on the night of October 27. The two brought Oat to a house in Soi Ramkanhaeng 63 where more than 10 other teenagers were gathered.

Oat said one of the group used his phone to lure two of his friends, Sub and Fluke, to the house. Over three days they were repeatedly attacked and tortured by the others. The group recorded videos of their sadistic acts. The kidnappers threatened their captives with guns and forced them to follow every order from them. If they failed to follow their orders they threatened to release the videos on social media.

The three were forced to eat cigarette buts, drink urine, perform oral sex, and kiss and punch each other. A female teenager from the group burned the boys’ pubic hairs and scorched their penises with a lighter. She also stubbed out burning cigarettes on their tongues.

Oat revealed there were many guns in the house.

Oat said the owner of the house, a father of one group member, was aware of the ordeal but did nothing to stop his son’s actions.

Oat’s mother told Channel 3 she is afraid of repercussions because one of the parents is notorious in the area.

The victims contacted celebrity lawyer Ronnarong Kaewphet to help them with their case.

Ronnarong said that the teenage gang face a number of charges, including attempted murder, imprisoning others, using firearms without permission, and possession of firearms without permission.

Only one boy, 18 year old Thanapon (surname reserved), was arrested yesterday, the rest of the suspects are on the run.

Thanapon was charged with physically assaulting others, holding others captive, and extorting others to do or not to do any acts against that person’s will. He denied all allegations and is now imprisoned at Bangkok remand Prison.

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