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HIV positive Australian begged Thai woman for sex with two year old granddaughter

The Thaiger



HIV positive Australian begged Thai woman for sex with two year old granddaughter | The Thaiger

Howard Hawke outside Bendigo Magistrates’ Court, Victoria. PHOTO: Jason Walls

A HIV positive Australian man repeatedly called a woman in Thailand begging to have sex with her two year old granddaughter, a court has heard.

Pig farmer, 69 year old Howard John Hawke from Kangaroo Flat in Victoria, was arrested in 2017 after police intercepted phone calls of him talking about “extremely depraved sexual activity” with the child after he had spent time in Thailand.

During the phone calls, Hawke told the “impoverished” woman in Thailand to whip the toddler because he “likes to see young ones hurt”.

Hawke had also made a violent sexually explicit video of the Thai woman’s 16 year old daughter, who is also the mother of the two year old.

In the video, the County Court of Victoria heard how the 16 year could be seen screaming after being whipped, while here wrists were bound and she was wearing a dog collar, reported.

The court also heard how Hawke had sold his pig farm for a million dollars in 2006 in order to fund his retirement. However, he blew the money on extensive trips to Southeast Asia where he became involved “in the extremely sexualised environment” of Thailand.

By the time he was arrested in 2017, Hawke was living a “boarding house” in Victoria, with only $6,500 in cash and with credit card debts of $13,000.

In his defence, Hawke said he did not plan to have sex with the toddler and that the phone calls were him acting out a “fantasy” and that he was “just a bit of pervert”.

Crown prosecutor Krista Breckweg argued his behaviour was more than just fantasy.

“He talks about extremely depraved sexual activity,” she said.

“He talks about the baby being held down by her own mother and grandmother.

“This behaviour was premeditated. He wanted to go overseas with the intention of procuring babies.”

During his arrest, Hawke was also found with 32 pornographic images and 7 videos of children.

Hawke is due to be sentenced on Thursday.

Original article HERE.

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Motorcyclist crushed by truck in Thalang

The Thaiger



Motorcyclist crushed by truck in Thalang | The Thaiger

PHOTO: Kusoldharm Foundation

A motorbike passenger has died following an incident with a truck in Thalang this morning.

Thalang Police were notified of the accident on Thepkasattri Road southbound in Mueang Mai, Thalang.

Police and rescue workers arrived to find the body of a woman, identified by police as Boonnam Thepnui from Pattalung.  Her body was taken to the Thalang Hospital.

A motorbike on the road and a truck waiting were found at the scene.

Thalang Police report that the truck, whose driver was Nikorn Pakpoe from Surat Thani, was heading from Thalang towards Phuket Town. The motorbike, whose driver was Kamron Tampueak from Krabi with Ms Boonnam, were heading from the same way. Kamron sustained only minor injuries in the incident.

The truck slightly tapped the motorbike and the motorbike fell down on the road. Ms Boonnam was crushed under the truck and died at the scene.

Police are further investigating the incident.

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If your motorbike is stolen, just wait a few days

The Thaiger & The Nation



If your motorbike is stolen, just wait a few days | The Thaiger

Not only did he get his motorbike back, but he should go out and buy a lottery ticket. What are the chances…?

The owner of a stolen motorcycle got his transport back three days later after a man ran out of petrol just in front of him in Songkhla’s Muang district on Tuesday.

The owner of the motorcycle, identified only as Ken, and his friends briefly assaulted and captured the motorcyclist, identified only as 35 year old Piak, before handing over him to police.

But Piak was later released without charges after he claimed that he had borrowed the motorcycle from a friend. Police said they would later summon Piak’s friend for questioning.

Ken said his motorcycle was stolen from in front of his house in Songkhla’s Singha Nakhon district. He said he has been searching for it without success.

But he went to visit a friend in tambon Pawong in Songkhla’s Muang district and while he and several friends were eating there, Piak stopped in front of the house as the petrol ran out.

When Ken and friends came out to check whether Piak needed any help, Ken recognised his bike and captured the man.

SOURCE: The Nation

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Phuket beach back to normal after oil-spill clean-up

The Thaiger



Phuket beach back to normal after oil-spill clean-up | The Thaiger

PHOTOS: The Phuket PR Office

A beach in Ao Makham is almost back to normal following a big cleanup was launched to clear a black oil spill that had polluted 300 metres of shoreline yesterday.

The oil spill was located along a beach at Ao Makham in Wichit over the weekend. It is believed to be from a big ship.

Read more about the discovery and clean-up HERE.

Navy officers along with hotel staff in the area were helping to clean the beach and remove oil-stained sand.  Beachgoers and tourists were still enjoying the beach during the clean-up operations, despite a strong smell coming from the oil.

The Phuket PR Office is reporting that the Phuket Marine Office has already filed a report to police in order to identify suspects who may have released the oil. They say they will face full legal action when identified as this oil affects the marine environment and tourism.

More efforts on fishing and tour boats management are also being considered in order to prevent any waste or oil releasing into the sea.

Phuket beach back to normal after oil-spill clean-up | News by The Thaiger

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