22 year old Bangkok student ‘Tanya’, along with a Phuket friend who’s still at high school, have made a complaint with crime suppression police to complain about a Thai woman who has ripped them off in a fake loan scheme. They claim that they’ve been conned out of 24,500 baht but say they believe there are 200 victims involved in a con that could amount to over 4 million baht.

The 22 year old Bangkok university student says she met “Jae Kai Noi” (which police have found is not her real name) through her oldest sister. She says she 1000 baht into the scheme and in 15 days she received a 1000 baht interest payment. So she decided to invest more into the scheme. Next she added 3,500 baht into the ‘investment scheme’ and, magically, it returned a 3,500 baht return after another 15 days. At this stage she was convinced that the ‘scheme’ worked so put in 20,000 baht.

This time the con artist vanished and hasn’t been able to be contacted since.

The moral of the story “…if it sounds to good to be true, it probably is.”

- The Thaiger & The Nation