As storms continue, 23 billion baht might not be enough

The Thai government is to spend at least 23 billion baht (US$600 million) on helping people who have suffered in the recent flooding.

According to today’s Bangkok Post, at yesterday’s Cabinet meeting Prime Minister Prayut Chan-o-cha ordered all agencies involved in the flood response to speed up efforts to take care of those who suffered in the flood, and the thousands who need to be rehomed.

Prayut demanded that relief measures be put in place as soon as the flood situation eases, saying…

“The government has prepared a flood relief budget of 23 billion baht, which will be withdrawn from the central budget for fiscal 2023. We are ready to procure additional budget from other sources if needed.”

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Gen Prayut said total spending on flood relief would not be known until a much clearer picture emerges. The PM instructed agencies responsible for rehabilitation to be prepared to conduct field inspections of areas affected by flooding, assess the damage caused to property, and then request appropriate funding.

The government’s expenditure for fiscal 2023, which started this month, assigns a total of 92.4 billion baht (US$2.5 billion) for emergency response.

As storms continue, 23 billion baht might not be enough | News by Thaiger

Further adverse weather is forecast across parts of northern, central, and southern Thailand through at least October 14, as disruptions due to flooding continue.

The national meteorological department has issued a warning for variable weather in northern regions and heavy rains in the south until Friday. A high-pressure system over northern regions is expected to bring thunderstorms and isolated strong winds.

The monsoon currently over south-central regions is expected to bring heavy to very heavy rainfall to southern and south-central parts in the coming days. Temperatures are also expected to drop across northern, central, and eastern parts. Authorities are likely to issue new alerts or update existing advisories as conditions change over the coming days.

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