Thailand to open all land border crossings next year

Thailand is planning to open all land border crossings with neighbouring countries next year. The move is reportedly part of an effort to facilitate the transportation of goods to help restart one aspect of the economy. The Department of Foreign Trade says it will negotiate with Laos, Myanmar, Cambodia and Malaysia to reopen all 97 land borders and hold trade fairs throughout several locations next year.

According to the National News Bureau of Thailand, the DFT Director General says the department will remain committed to facilitating exports through the modernisation of specific laws. Such modernisation includes upgrading department services like permit extensions, geographical indication documents and exporter registrations.

Last year, Thailand brought in around 1 trillion baht in revenue from border trading but trade with Singapore, Vietnam and China decreased as more exporters chose air shipping.

Thai farm products including rice will be promoted at events by the DFT both at home markets and abroad. Thai rice exports exceeded 8.5 million tonnes this year, surpassing the target of 7.5 million tonnes.

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Ann Carter

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