Delta Airlines passengers endure 44°C heat for 4 hours on Las Vegas runway

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On a Delta Airlines flight from Las Vegas to Atlanta, passengers were forced to wait for four hours on the tarmac in searing temperatures of up to 44°C, further exacerbated by non-functioning air conditioning. This resulted in several passengers, including air hostesses, fainting and needing immediate medical attention.

A foreign media outlet reports that this extreme situation was due to the exceedingly high temperatures of 44 degrees Celcius on July 17. This created a stifling atmosphere within the space of the aeroplane, forcing the passengers to endure four long hours without any form of air conditioning. Due to this discomfort, at least five individuals, including cabin crew members, lost consciousness and had to be quickly transported to the hospital.

National Weather Service forecasts show that on the day in question, airport temperatures soared to between 44 to 46 degrees Celcius. Passengers were trapped in a hot, humid cabin for at least four hours, causing numerous people to report feeling unwell. Scenes from inside the aircraft showed distressed babies and young children crying, as flight attendants scrambled around with oxygen tanks and emergency medical equipment.

However, some passengers aboard the flight recounted that although they had the choice to disembark, the captain had warned that the next flight to Atlanta could take several days. As a result, most chose to tolerate the harsh conditions within the aircraft and wait. As the four-hour mark passed, multiple individuals began to faint, with some passengers bleeding from their noses. Medical personnel were immediately dispatched with stretchers onto the plane.

Delta Airlines incident
Image courtesy of Khao Sod Online

In the end, the harrowing flight was cancelled due to inadequate crew numbers. After a futile wait of four hours, the airline announced a replacement flight for 7am the next day on July 18. However, upon their arrival at the airport, the passengers were met with the disappointing news of the subsequent flight’s cancellation as well.

Delta Airlines issued an apology to all passengers and offered compensation, alongside stating that they are investigating why the air conditioning was not functional, reports Khao Sod Online.

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