Ministry of Culture to promote 16 Thai festivals internationally

Chao Mae Lim Ko Niao Festival in Pattani province, one of the festivals being promoted, photo by Thai PBS.

Thailand’s Ministry of Culture is taking steps to promote the country’s cultural heritage and boost local economies by promoting 16 Thai festivals internationally. Permanent Secretary of the Ministry, Yupha Taweewattanakitborvon, announced the move as part of the government’s “5F” initiative, which seeks to promote Thai soft power through the food, film, fashion, fighting, and festival industries.

The selected festivals represent a diverse array of cultural events, including the Chao Mae Lim Ko Niao Festival in Pattani province, the Ban Chiang World Heritage Festival in Uthai Thani, the Korat Street Art festival in Nakhon Ratchasima, the Hae Malai Khao Tok Festival in Yasothon, and the Phuket Food Festival.

According to Taweewattanakitborvon, the Culture Ministry’s Office of the Permanent Secretary will allocate funds to local culture offices to promote these festivals abroad, Nation Thailand reported. This effort will not only boost the country’s competitiveness and help preserve Thai traditions but also generate revenue for local communities through increased tourism.

The move aligns with the government’s Bio-Circular-Green economic model and is part of an effort to promote Thai soft power at the international level. By highlighting the country’s rich cultural heritage, the ministry aims to attract more tourists and generate income for local communities.

Thailand is known for its rich cultural heritage and renowned for its traditional festivals. Many festivals in Thailand are tied to Buddhism, the dominant religion in the country, and are celebrated with rituals, ceremonies, and lively street parades.

Some of the most famous festivals in Thailand include Songkran, the Thai New Year festival celebrated in April, and Loy Krathong, a festival of light celebrated in November where people float decorated baskets on rivers.

In recent years, the Thai government has been working to promote the country’s cultural festivals as a way to boost tourism and support local communities.

From February 24 to 28, the Kite Festival on the Beach 2023 will return to Pattaya with a flourish at the beach in front of the Central Pattaya Beach shopping mall. The highlight of this year’s festival has yet to be announced, but the visitors are ensured to be amazed by the sheer size and beauty of several giant kites over three days just like in the past.

Last month, the Chinese New Year Festival lit up cities across Thailand. Performers danced wearing traditional Chinese costumes, and red lanterns are still hanging in some areas of Thailand.

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