Teen killed by speeding BMW in Phuket hit-and-run tragedy

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A tragic accident occurred when a 14 year old boy riding a motorcycle was hit and dragged to his death by a speeding BMW. The driver fled the scene but later turned himself in to the police.

At 11.30pm yesterday, Thanom Thongpan, an investigator at Thalang Police Station in Phuket, received a report of the incident on Thepkrasattri Road, outbound at kilometre 27 in Thalang District, Phuket. The accident resulted in a fatality and property damage, prompting an immediate investigation with forensic doctors.

The scene on Thepkrasattri Road, outbound from Phuket City on Route 402, revealed the body of 14 year old Pachara lying lifeless near the second and third lanes at the entrance of a petrol station. Nearby, about 50 metres away, a blue BMW with Phang Nga registration was found crashed into a sign and old tyres in front of NTP Motors shop.

The driver was not present at the scene. The wreckage of the motorcycle also registered in Phuket, was found about 3 metres in front of the car. Evidence of the collision was found in the second lane near the Krong Cheep U-turn, approximately 100 metres from where the body was discovered.

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Ekaphong, who was riding another motorcycle with the deceased, recounted the harrowing moments. They were riding two motorcycles inbound on Thepkrasattri Road and intended to make a U-turn at the entrance to Krong Cheep.

While making the U-turn, Pachara’s motorcycle stalled in the middle of the road. Ekaphong tried to push the motorcycle to safety but a car coming straight towards them hit Pachara, dragging him along the road. Police documented the scene and took photographs, and the forensic team conducted an autopsy before returning to Thalang Police Station.

Later, Saku Police Station reported that the driver of the BMW, identified as 40 year old Phontho had turned himself in. He admitted to being the driver involved in the accident. Police conducted a breathalyser test to measure his blood alcohol content, Ekaphong said.

“It was a devastating incident. We were just trying to make a U-turn when suddenly the motorcycle stopped. I couldn’t do anything as the car came towards us.”

The investigation continues as police examine all aspects of the accident, including the potential liability of the BMW driver, reported Khaosod.

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