Motorcycle crash on Suwinthawong Road claims life in Bangkok

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A catastrophic traffic incident occurred on Suwinthawong Road, near the Harajuku curve in Bangkok, when a motorcycle collided with a parked pickup, resulting in the rider’s death. The accident, which took place today, March 24, saw the motorcycle rider tragically killed after being run over by another vehicle.

Police Lieutenant Colonel Somkuan Nasommai, an investigator from the Suwinthawong Police Station, was notified of the fatal accident. Rescue workers from the Ruamkatanyu Foundation were immediately dispatched to provide assistance.

Upon arrival, they found the 70 year old pickup driver, Pradit, who had sustained injuries and was in distress. His vehicle had been struck by the motorcycle, a Honda Click with Chachoengsao license plates, while parked due to a breakdown. Pradit was transferred to Vajira Hospital for treatment.

At the scene, emergency personnel discovered the body of 40 year old Suphan, from Saladaeng, Bang Nam Priao district, Chachoengsao, in the middle of the road. He had suffered severe head injuries and multiple fractures.

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It was found that after the initial collision with Pradit’s vehicle, Suphan was then hit by another pickup driven by Patiphan, who was overtaking and did not realize he had struck a person until he stopped to check his dashcam footage.

Suphan, who worked as a truck driver, regularly rode his motorcycle back to Chachoengsao after parking his employer’s truck in Lampakchi. Patiphan, the driver of the second pickup, stated that he was on his way home to Chon Buri province when he unexpectedly hit something. Subsequently, a motorcyclist, 23 year old Supha, alerted him that he had been involved in a fatal incident.

Witnesses, including Supha, recounted seeing Suphan’s motorcycle graze Pradit’s parked vehicle before he lay motionless on the road. Shortly after, Patiphan’s pickup ran over Suphan. The victim’s sister, upon hearing the news, rushed to the scene and was overcome with grief at the sight of her brother’s body, reported KhaoSod.

Initial police inquiries led to both drivers, Pradit and Patiphan, being taken to Suwinthawong Police Station for further investigation to determine the exact cause of the accident and to proceed with legal action. The family of the deceased was advised to contact the hospital to claim his body for religious rites.

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