Mother demands 66 million baht after uni bus kills her daughter

A mother is demanding 66 million baht from Khon Kaen University after the college bus hit and killed her daughter on the morning of August 10.

A security camera captured footage of two students on a motorcycle waiting for the traffic lights to change at a road intersection when the university bus crashed into them.

The two victims were sophomore students from the Faculty of Medicine. The male rider, whose identity hasn’t been revealed, was seriously injured while the female passenger, 19 year old Arunnapa “Eye” Wattanapanich, was pronounced dead at the scene.

The bus belonged to the university’s Faculty of Nursing. The 36 year old bus driver, Surasak Seehawat, who surrendered himself at the scene, insisted he didn’t see the motorcycle when making a right turn.

A police officer, from Mueng Khon Kaen Police Station, reported that Surasak was not under the influence of alcohol and drugs. He was charged with driving recklessly, causing serious injury and death. Khon Kaen Provincial Court refused bail.

A brother of Eye, 29 year old Weerawat Yukthirat, an alumnus of the university, told the media that the spot is notorious for accidents and added he is curious why the university has done nothing about the repeated accidents.

Weerawat said the university should also investigate whether the cause of the accident was reckless driving or inappropriate traffic management.

Eye’s mother, 55 year old Nittaya Rungsatit, visited Mueng Khon Kaen Police Station today to discuss compensation with university representatives.

After four hours of discussion, Nittaya revealed to the media that she wanted to talk to the rector of Khon Kaen University, not representatives.

Nittaya told the university representatives that she wanted compensation of 66 million baht. She explained that the amount is what her daughter would have earned in her life after graduation.

Eye would graduate at 25 years old and work as a doctor until 60 years old. She was expected to earn 5,000 baht per day, so the compensation would be about 66 million baht.

Nittaya also added that the 130,000 baht the university promised to her and Eye’s father 12 days ago has not been paid.

Eye’s mother added that she hoped everything would be resolved at the next meeting on September 12, and expected the university’s rector to attend.

SOURCE: Thai News Agency | MGR Online | Channel 7

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