Horrendous car accident takes life of 33 year old man in Chachoengsao

Picture courtesy of KhaoSod.

A tragic car accident today claimed the life of a 33 year old man on the road in Chachoengsao province. The victim was rushing to pick up his girlfriend and nephew for work when his car lost control and collided with an electric pole.

Upon being notified of the incident, Sergeant Dechrit Sreekacha of Bang Khla Police Station rushed to the accident spot along with the rescue team from Chachoengsao. Arriving at the accident site on the Bang Khla-Plaeng Yao Road, near the entrance to Ban Sai Hai, Moo 4, Tha Thong Lang sub-district, Bang Khla district, they found a devastating scene.

The victim had been driving a Nissan March car, license plate ฆอ 5642 Bangkok, when his vehicle careered off the road, crashed and firmly lodged itself between an electric pole and bushes. Severe damage was found on the driver’s side, trapping the legs of the deceased inside.

The victim was drenched in blood as his head hit the pole. A large open wound was on his right hand, and his right leg was broken and trapped in the debris inside the car. Officers had to use rescue equipment to extract the deceased from the wreckage, reported KhaoSod.

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The sister of the deceased, who arrived at the scene later, stated to the officers that her brother, the victim, had left their home in Bang Khla to pick up his girlfriend and her nephew from a market in Plaeng Yao.

He was then scheduled to drop off the nephew at a school in Bang Khla before rushing to his workplace in Samet Tai, all before 8am. The victim might have been speeding to reach his workplace on time. However, the police will gather evidence from the accident scene and carry out a detailed investigation by interrogating all associated persons to determine the exact cause of this fatal incident.

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