Party-goer’s predawn plunge: Drunk biker crashes into 5-metre pit in central Thailand

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A young biker returning from a party at 4am today, suspected of being drunk while driving, ignored warnings and crashed his motorcycle into a 5-metre deep concrete pit. The incident occurred beneath a bridge in Pak Kret district, Nonthaburi. The driver, from Suphan Buri province, was found unconscious and reportedly drunk at the bottom of the pit.

The pit, approximately 6 metres in diameter and deeper than 5 metres was being worked on by construction workers. The 29 year old Nonthapawich found unconscious with signs of spinal injury and allegedly reeking of alcohol, was lying still at the bottom of the pit alongside his blue Yamaha Nmax motorcycle, bearing the registration number 1กธ 5434 Suphan Buri, submerged in water, reported KhaoSod.

Rescue workers spent about an hour using body suits and equipment to recover the allegedly drunk Nonthapawich and rush him to Bang Bua Thong Hospital. Nonthapawich’s relatives informed the rescue team that he had been partying with friends and was likely returning home when the accident occurred.

Based on interviews with the construction workers, the accident site was cordoned off with signs and warning lights to prevent vehicles from passing.

Some workers were working inside the pit while others were above ground. Prior to the accident, Nonthapawich’s motorcycle had broken through the cordoned-off area despite the workers’ warnings that it was impassable. This reckless action led to the unfortunate accident of him crashing into the pit.

Three weeks ago, a tragic accident on Bangkok’s Chalong Rat elevated highway saw a Nissan pick-up truck crashing into a Toyota Fortuner before slamming into a concrete divider.

The grizzly turn of events led to the death of a 38 year old passenger. The pickup driver, an air conditioning technician around 50 to 55 years old, claimed a tyre burst caused the accident while results showed he was drunk with a blood alcohol level beyond 200 milligrams. To read more about the story click HERE

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