Pro-Monarchy group denies assaulting cleaner who wore red shirt

PHOTO: Siam Rath

The leader of the royalist group, Thai Pakdee, has hit back at reports that a security guard at Sunday’s rally in Bangkok attacked a cleaner for wearing a red shirt. According to a Nation Thailand report, Warong Dechgitvigrom denies there was any political motivation behind the assault.

He says the attack did not take place near the rally venue, explaining that a row broke out after a worker, who was sweeping water along the road, splashed Thai Pakdee supporters as they made their way to the gathering. He adds that the subsequent attack was as a result of the cleaner’s actions and not due to the colour of his shirt.

“A witness said he saw a man trying to calm both sides down, before the suspect punched the cleaner and then called a taxi and left.”

The Thai Pakdee group was formed in opposition to anti-government protesters, primarily students, who are calling for reform of the Monarchy, along with other demands. Their first rally was held on Sunday at Bangkok’s Dindaeng Thai-Japanese Stadium, when the alleged assault took place. However, Warong denies there were any security guards hired for the rally, insisting the police were tasked with keeping the area secure.

SOURCE: Nation Thailand

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