FoodPanda added to boycott list over protest reporting

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Some Thais are deleting the FoodPanda application off their phones as part of an online campaign against the Nation Group of media companies. Many pushing for the food delivery boycott are those backing a broader effort to ban Nation Thailand and Nation TV for what they say is pro-government bias.

Some netizens are taking screenshots just as they remove the FoodPanda application from their phone, showing a popup with a delete button. Activists say FoodPanda advertisements pop up on the Nation website and Nation TV. They’re calling on the food delivery company to stop supporting the media outlet.

The hashtag #แบนสปอนเซอร์เนชั่น (ban Nation’s sponsors) has spread on Twitter this week, first focusing on boycotting the Nation and boycotting many other companies that netizens say support the Nation. The online campaign started after a Nation Thailand and Nation TV reporter allegedly lied to protesters during a large rally in Bangkok, posing as a reporter from another agency in order to get interviews with the participants.

Many are calling for the boycott of other companies that support The Nation and Nation TV through advertising. Companies seen advertised on the Nation’s platforms are added to their blacklist. FoodPanda is a major company that activists are focusing on.

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Activists are also hounding other Thai media outlets who are not reporting the protests or who are not reporting them fairly. Another hashtag #ประณามสื่อ, which means condemn the media, is also being shared to shine light on the fact that some media outlets do not report on the sensitive issues raised by pro-democracy activists.

SOURCE: Thai Enquirer

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