More websites get the Pornhub treatment as Thailand blocks a further 209 “offensive” and “misleading” sites


The Digital Economy and Society Ministry is on a roll, announcing plans to cut access to a further 209 websites following a block on adult website Pornhub. However, the names of the “misleading” or “offensive” websites which have incurred the ministry’s wrath have not been confirmed.

Earlier this week, a group gathered outside the DES ministry offices to protest against the decision to block access to Pornhub. The DES responded by insisting the ban was essential to protecting decency and the “good values” of Thailand.

(The same high standards don’t appear to be applicable to the country’s sex industry. According to the black market database Havascope, Thailand has an estimated 250,000 sex workers, generating revenue of US$6.4 billion a year…)

Minister Buddhipongse Punnakanta says the ban was put in place after many complaints from concerned citizens, including parents, monks, and victims of sexual exploitation. However, many of those protesting the ban say otherwise, claiming that a couple of potentially compromising videos, including one allegedly featuring an MP, another including a significant ‘someone’ were posted on Pornhub, leading to the swift clampdown.

SOURCE: The Pattaya News

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