Popular “sexpat” blogger Stickboy leaves Thailand over dead nightlife, restrictions

The popular redlight district blogger (and “sexpat”) Stickboy has left Thailand, apparently due to the lack of nightlife over the past two years. Stickboy, whose real name is Mike McKay, has been a long time expat in Thailand. He calls himself a “party animal with hollow legs” and is known for his posts of busty women mixed in with general information on Thailand… especially on the bar scene.

On Mike’s Twitter bio, he said “Time for something new… South America maybe.” He says he’s left Thailand for good, and “no,” don’t worry, he hasn’t had a serious mental breakdown. Mike told Coconuts Bangkok said it was really the continued postponement of the reopening of bars and nightclubs that led to his decision to leave.

Bars and nightclubs have been closed since April, but also faced closure orders early on in the pandemic. Bangkok’s booming nightlife districts have been dark and quiet. Nine months ago, Mike made a post on his website Stickboybkk.com with a photo of Soi Cowboy, a popular redlight district. All the bars were closed. The lights off.

He wrote…

Yes, there’s no denying it is a sad sight to see the Neon Alley looking like this but it will be back soon and the good times can roll again.

With vaccine rollouts around the world picking up momentum and Thailand preparing for mass inoculations, there is light at the end of this Covid tunnel.

Now, life has come back to Soi Cowboy and other nightlife districts. But it’s not the same. Healthcare workers in personal protective gear stand at the entrance of the street with rapid antigen kits to test partygoers on the spot. And bars in the capital must close by 9pm. He told Coconuts that with the restrictions and delays to fully reopen bars, he decided to “f**k it” and leave.


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