Phuket residents call on authorities to investigate black water at beach

Black water at Karon Beach, photo by The Phuket Express.

Phuket residents are calling on authorities to investigate after foul-smelling black water was found flowing into the sea at a beach. On Sunday, residents and tourists were shocked to find lots of black water pouring into the sea at Karon Beach near Nong Harn Lake.

Swimmers rushed out of the sea after seeing the black water.

According to The Phuket Express, locals said that this was not the first time that foul water had been discovered flowing into the sea. Locals claim that it has been happening since Friday, and that the foul water is being released from nearby businesses without any treatment.

Foreign tourists expressed their disappointment, stating that such an occurrence should not happen in a tourist destination that attracts lots of beachgoers and swimmers.

Karon Beach is known for its fine white sand and colourful nightlife. Its location on the western coast of Phuket makes it a top destination for beach lovers and water sports enthusiasts.

Phuket has experienced similar incidents in the past.

In May last year, a popular Facebook page posted a video and photos this week of black, dirty water flowing into Phuket’s Kamala Beach on the island’s west coast. The page, titled Monsoon Garbage Thailand, claimed that the dirty black water was released from nearby businesses without any treatment. The dirty water has been flowing along that klong for decades.

However, the Kamala Tambon Administrative Organisation Chief Jutha Dumlak said the black wastewater was left over in a “sand trap pool” in water drainage systems from the dry season. He said that since the rainy season was beginning, rain had started to wash out the leftover wastewater into the ocean. Jutha claimed that he had confirmed that the wastewater was not from businesses dumping garbage or waste. He also claimed that local authorities could not afford the budget to build a good wastewater treatment system.

Time will tell if Phuket authorities will one day tackle the island province’s problems with wastewater.

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