Revolutionary reforms: Government’s 90-day plan to boost economy

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In a move to transform the nation‘s fortune, the Public Relations Department has unveiled a game-changing report highlighting the government‘s efforts to boost the economy over the last 90 days.

The report, released with much fanfare yesterday, December 18, boasts an array of initiatives aimed at cutting costs, boosting income, and ushering in a new era of prosperity.

Chai Watcharong, the spokesperson for the Prime Minister’s Office, hailed the report as a beacon of transparency, providing the public with a deep dive into the government’s bold strategies for expense reduction and income increase, reported The Nation.

Expense Reduction:

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1. Energy and Transportation

    • Slashing electricity prices to 3.99 baht per unit
    • Cutting diesel prices by 2.50 baht per litre
    • Revamping petrol prices
    • Trimming excise tax on fuel by 1 baht per litre
    • Holding the line on the retail price of 15-kilogramme LPG cooking gas
    • Slicing train fares on the Purple and Red lines to a flat 20 baht

2. Financial Aid and Debt Solutions

    • Greenlighting financial aid of 1,000 baht per rai for 4.68 million farming households
    • Subsidising 120 baht per tonne for sugarcane to discourage burning farm waste
    • Prioritising Debt Solutions for Informal Debts nationally
    • Offering debt relief for farmers with debts under 300,000 baht
    • Launching a single ID card for free treatment under universal healthcare in four pilot provinces

Income Generation:

1. Tourism Boost

    • Welcoming tourists with free visas from China, Kazakhstan, India, Taiwan (30 days), and Russia (90 days)

2. Salary Surge

    • Increasing government officials’ salaries with a bachelor’s degree to 18,150 baht, with a planned 10% raise over two years

3. Digital Wallet Revolution

    • Pioneering a 10,000 baht allowance digital wallet scheme for short-term economic growth and a future-proof digital economy

4. Economic Diversification

      • Taking local products online with Otop products
      • Implementing the One Belt One Road: The Silk Road route
      • Extending service hours for nightlife venues in four provinces

5. Tourism Promotion

        • Extending Chiang Mai International Airport operating hours to 24/7 from November 1

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