Dusit Poll: 83% believe government can’t solve soaring prices

PHOTO: A Dusit Poll says a wide majority of people don't think the government can solve rising prices on goods like pork. (via YouTube)

A new survey by Suan Dusit Rajabhat University finds that most people don’t feel that the government is capable of effectively dealing with the soaring prices of consumer goods with many saying they won’t be able to last 3 months with the current inflation levels. 82.69% of the people polled said they have either no confidence or very little confidence in the government’s ability to resolve the inflation problem.

The Suan Dusit Poll was conducted from January 24 to January 27 and interviewed 1,383 people across all locations, ages, occupations and educational backgrounds and asked people about their opinions and experiences with the rising prices on many goods, especially food items. Survey respondents were allowed to choose multiple answers for most questions.

How much confidence do you have in the government’s ability to solve the problem of inflation?

  • 47.27% – little confidence
  • 35.42% – no confidence at all
  • 15.27% – fairly confident
  • 2.04% – very confident

Dusit Poll - Prices 1

Financially, how long do you think you can survive these high prices?

  • 34.93% – less than three months
  • 28.53% – less than six months
  • 18.56% – less than one month
  • 17.98% – more than six months

Dusit Poll - Prices 2

Which goods are now unusually expensive?

  • 92.75% – pork
  • 74,24% – delivered fast food
  • 71.79% – eggs
  • 57.07% – vegetable oil
  • 56.13% – chicken meat

Why do you think prices have risen?

  • 65.02% – communicable diseases in animals
  • 64.22% – hoarding and price manipulation
  • 63.13% – profiteering by traders

How are you coping with the high prices of many goods?

  • 77.20% – budgeting their spending
  • 66.67% – cutting down on how much they consume high-priced items
  • 57.37% – looking for cheaper alternatives

SOURCE: Bangkok Post

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