Wounded man flees to police station, says employer beat him, forced him to drink urine

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A man, badly bruised and face swollen, reportedly showed up to a local police station claiming his employer has been abusing him for more than a decade, beating him with a PVC pipe and forcing him to drink dog urine. The 29 year old worker, identified as Fah, told police he managed to escape. Welts, wounds, and bruises were all over his body and his eyes were nearly swollen shut.

Fah told police his 50 year old employer, the owner of a construction material shop in Singburi, abused him for more than 10 years. He told police his employer would use a PVC pipe to beat him, even his penis. He told police he was forced to drink dog urine and eat bird poop.

The employer, known as Jeh Gung, allegedly admitted that she had beaten Fah, but claimed it was because there was a lesson to learn. She reportedly told police that not all of the injuries were inflicted by her, saying that Fah had sustained some from a motorbike accident and by slipping. She also reportedly told police that she never forced Fah to eat animal feces or urine, and only threatened it as a punishment.

Jeh Geng allegedly told police that she started caring for Fah 10 years ago as a mother figure. Apparently another person at the workplace was involved in beating Fah, but reportedly told police a statement similar to Jeh Gung’s, that the punishments were done with good intention to make Fah to be a better person.

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Wounded man flees to police station, says employer beat him, forced him to drink urine | News by Thaiger

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