UPDATE: Thai couple murdered in Taiwan


Last week, A Thai man murdered a Thai couple in Taiwan – the woman pregnant with twins – and stuffed their bodies into the trunk of a BMW in Taoyuan city near the capital Taipei.

The prime suspect, a Thai man from Ubon Ratchathani, fled Taiwan to his home in Chiang Mai, northern Thailand, on Thursday. By the time police tracked down his movements, he had already fled Chiang Mai. Police suspect he has fled Thailand and crossed over the border into a neighbouring country, but his current whereabouts are unknown.

A close friend of the deceased couple, a businessman, revealed that the suspect and the couple were well acquainted. The pregnant Thai woman was a dual citizen of Thai and Taiwanese nationality. The suspect and deceased decided to do business together providing loans to Thai people abroad. At first, the business went well, but eventually problems started to arise, amounting to the brutal murders that occurred last week.

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Thai police is expecting a call from Taiwan officials to help find a man accused of killing a Thai couple last week.

The bodies of the couple were discovered in a parked car outside the Taoyuan high-speed train station on Friday. The killings are believed to be linked to a disagreement over money lending.

The bodies of the couple were covered in bruises, suggesting they had been brutally murdered somewhere else, dragged into the car and dropped near the train station. The dead woman was discovered to be expecting twins, according to Radio Taiwan International (RTI).

They were allegedly murdered by a Thai man, a family acquaintance, over a money disagreement concerning a recruitment firm, according to Taiwan police. The three met on Wednesday, June 8 to try and resolve their dispute, but the couple were not seen again. The woman was last seen on June 9 on CCTV in New Taipei City’s Tucheng district, where the attack allegedly took place.

It is assumed the offender escaped to Thailand soon after the murder was committed, according to Police Major General Khemmarin Hassiri, commander of the Royal Thai Police’s foreign affairs division

According to Thai PBS, the suspect, who is working as a translator, borrowed money from the Thai couple to lend to other Thai workers for his own profit.

The couple’s absence was reported to Taiwanese police. They tracked down a car near where the trio had met and found the couple’s corpses in the trunk of the car.

Thai authorities have been told to keep an eye out for the suspect, whose identity has not been publicly revealed, at all border checkpoints.

There is no extradition treaty between Thailand and Taiwan. However, Thai police say they will work with the Taiwanese authorities.

SOURCE: Bangkok Post | Thai PBS

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