Counterfeit vehicle plates crackdown: Police ‘benz’ the rules to arrest two men

Photo: KhaoSod.

In a crackdown on the use of counterfeit vehicle registration plates, police officers arrested two men while confiscating their vehicles: a Mercedes Benz GLA200 and an Isuzu D-Max pickup truck.

A 33 year old man named Phan, from Rop Wiang, Chiang Rai, was apprehended for using a counterfeit vehicle registration plate on his Mercedes, claiming he bought it online for 3,000 baht due to its attractive number. Another man, 30 years old Prathin, from Fang, Chiang Mai, was caught with a counterfeit plate on his Isuzu truck, stating it was bought by his father today.

The arrest operation led by Police Lieutenant Colonel Charoenkiat Pankaew, acting on behalf of the Highway Police Division, was initiated following orders to apprehend users of counterfeit vehicle registration plates. This directive was issued particularly after notifications from the Suspect Vehicle Command Center (SVCC), prompting immediate investigation and verification.

The Mercedes, bearing the fake red plate numbered Tha 9999 Bangkok, was spotted on Highway 1020, between Chiang Rai and Thoeng, within the Tha Sai district. Upon inspection, both front and rear plates were confirmed as counterfeit. Phan confessed to purchasing the plate from a Facebook page last year, charmed by its striking number.

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On the same day, Police Lieutenant Colonel Chawang Prommin, Deputy Provincial Police (Highway) Station 5, Highway Police Division, arrested Prathin along with his Isuzu D-Max pickup truck, featuring the counterfeit plate Phor Thor 261 Chiang Rai.

The vehicle was located on Phahonyothin Road, in front of Maechan Special Education School in Maechan district. The alert was raised by traffic violation detection cameras. Prathin revealed his father, a car dealer, had purchased the truck three to four years prior reported KhaoSod.

Both suspects, along with the confiscated items, were handed over to the investigation officer for legal proceedings under the charge of Forgery and Use of Counterfeit Official Documents.

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