20 illegal Myanmar migrants captured in Thailand on way to Malaysia

Photo courtesy of Assawin Pakkawan, Bangkok Post.

In a new development on Thailand’s immigration issues, 20 illegal migrants from Myanmar were captured in their pursuit of work in Malaysia. The migrants were hiding at an abandoned property in Sadao, a district forming part of the southern border province Songkhla.

Acting on collected intelligence yesterday suggesting the house was sheltering those travelling unlawfully to Malaysia, Immigration and local law enforcement agencies raided the property located on Ban Chaikhuan Road in the administrative division of Padang Besar.

Inside the house were 20 young adults, composed of 16 men and four women aged between 19 and 26 years old, according to the officials who made the arrests. They were all without proper documentation and identified themselves as citizens of Myanmar. They were observed to be seated in groups of three to four individuals, distinguishably wearing coloured ribbons on their wrists signifying their place of origin, reported Bangkok Post.

Through an interpreter, the detainees reported that they had journeyed from various cities within Myanmar to look for employment opportunities in Malaysia. Their route into Thailand was through a natural border crossing located in Prachuap Khiri Khan. They explained that job brokers had organised a pickup truck. This transportation, which served as a means of their illegal immigration, facilitated their speedy arrival at Padang Besar, in the district of Sadao, which neighbours Malaysia.

The migrants confessed to having paid employment intermediaries the substantial sum of 20,000 baht each. In exchange, they were promised work on construction sites, fishing vessels, and plantations.

Charges of illegal immigration into Thailand were subsequently brought against them by law enforcement authorities. Moreover, the investigation was broadened to include their unlawful facilitators.

Last week, in a significant operation in the Ubon Ratchathani province, three illegal Chinese immigrants were detained whilst they were in hiding in a border village. To read the full story, click HERE.

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