Restroom rumble: Toilet squabble turns fatal for elderly security guards in central Thailand

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In a shocking, tragic twist, a dispute over a less-than-pristine toilet spiralled into a fatal altercation between two elderly security guards in Nakorn Pathom, central Thailand. The 75 year old victim found himself grievously wounded in the abdomen and leg, the unfortunate outcome of a heated argument.

The assailant, a 60 year old security guard, initially evaded capture, but later turned himself in at the local police station, accompanied by his 60 year old wife. Their dispute left one guard guarding secrets, and the other, facing a life-altering decision.

The incident occurred around 8.30am today, at a car showroom located off Phetchakasem Road in Phra Prathon Subdistrict. Deputy Investigation Inspector Police Lieutenant Phisan Rueangphan of Nakorn Pathom City Police Station arrived at the scene to find a large pool of blood, a helmet, and a long iron bar used for pulling iron doors.

The victim, Wunich, was rushed to the hospital but succumbed to his injuries. Meanwhile, Chanchai, who was visibly exhausted and shocked, turned himself in with the alleged murder weapon, a fruit-peeling knife that was kept at the guard’s booth, reported KhaoSod.

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Amporn revealed that her husband came home earlier than usual and explained he had an altercation with his colleague over a filthy toilet. Wunich reportedly attacked him with the iron bar, forcing Chanchai to defend himself using the knife. Initially aiming for the legs to scare off Wunich, Chanchai found himself in a fight and ended up stabbing him in the abdomen.

Before surrendering to the police, Amporn prepared a meal for Chanchai, who could only manage a few bites before stating he couldn’t eat any more. Known for his hot temper and unyielding nature, Chanchai stated that the knife was kept at their station as a safety measure against rowdy teenagers who often passed by and caused trouble.

He never intended to kill Wunich but felt threatened during the confrontation. Wunich, according to Chanchai, was an argumentative colleague who often stirred up trouble.

The police have initially charged Chanchai with murder.

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