Thai student slashed in high-speed car chase after school row

A schoolgirl was slashed by a knife after the mother of a schoolboy pursued a group of teenage students down a highway following a row at her son’s sports day.

The Facebook page, Let Me Know If You Want to Be Famous Return Part 3, อยากดังเดี๋ยวจัดให้ รีเทิร์น พาร์ท 3, posted a video of the high-speed car chase, which was recorded by a group of students from a school in Klong Tom district of Krabi, in the south of Thailand.

The caption said, “Sports competition for students, but parents tried getting involved. One parent attacked a student at Klong Tom district in Krabi.

The video begins with pictures of a student with a wound to the head, sitting in a blood-stained blouse before cutting to the car chase footage.

The video reveals a black pickup cutting across the students’ car. The woman driver of the pickup gets out of her vehicle and knocks on the students’ car, and asks them to get out. The video is then cut after one of the students opened the door.

A 17 year old female student told the media that she and her friends were the victims of an attack. The girl said she saw a 15 year old boy fight with another group of students at school during a sports competition. The teenager said she went to calm the situation given she was a school senior.

The teenage boy reportedly turned on her angrily and told his mother. The mother went to school to confront the girl and a teacher had to step in and calm the mother down. The girl thought that was the end of the incident but on the way home, her driver friend spotted a black pickup tailing them.

The girl recognised the car as the student’s mother so she decided to record the video that was later shared online.

The female student said 4 people got out of the black pickup. One woman, who wasn’t the boy’s mother, had a knife and tried to stab her, but missed and slashed her friend instead.

The gang from the black pickup immediately fled after seeing blood spurt from her friend’s forehead. She also suffered a wound to her right eye.

The girl reported the incident to Klong Tom Police Station who are now investigating.

SOURCE: Khaosod | Amarin TV

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