Stop scam calls or be charged 1 million baht per day

A daily fine of 1 million baht has been issued by the National Broadcasting and Telecommunications Commission for any mobile phone carrier that refuses to assist the government in tackling the growing problem of phone scammers.

According to an NBTC survey, several people have already registered more than 5 phone numbers of phone scammers, but carriers failed to verify or check their identification.

Some mobile phone scammers allegedly had up to 10,000 numbers, according to the police.

Mobile phone providers must contact any customer who has more than five phone numbers and ask them to visit their local branch and provide identification.

The NBTC announced that the commissioners decided yesterday that mobile phone carriers must follow its rules on ID verification and decided the amount of the fines.

Mobile phone companies must follow the new rules within 30 days or risk daily fines of one million baht, according to the independent regulatory body.

The rule aims to stop scammers from using several SIM cards to make fraudulent phone calls, which have unfortunately become a common problem.

SOURCE: Bangkok Post

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