Teen reports assault by intruder in her bedroom

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A 17 year old girl reported to the police that a 27 year old man entered her bedroom and assaulted her while she was sleeping. The suspect, who initially claimed he entered the house to commit theft, denied the accusation of assault.

The incident took place yesterday, July 10, when the girl, referred to as A, woke up at 5am to find a stranger lying next to her without his trousers. Her trousers had also been removed, and there were traces of semen on both her and the man.

Fearful for her safety and that of her 12 year old sister, who was also in the house, she did not raise an alarm but instead asked him to leave, promising not to tell anyone. Once he left, A quickly cycled to inform the village head’s assistant about the intrusion.

Later that day, police from the Ban Dan Police Station apprehended 27 year old Ronnachai near Ban Dan Temple while he was fishing. He was brought in for questioning.

Ronachai admitted to entering the house but claimed he did so to steal and insisted he did not assault the girl. He mentioned that he usually works in Bangkok and had returned to the village to visit his wife, only to find out she was in Japan for work. To make ends meet, he had been fishing in local streams to sell fish.

According to Ronnachai, he saw someone else enter the house before him and noticed an open window, prompting him to enter to steal valuables. He admitted to warning the girl about leaving windows open but denied any physical contact with her.

He added that he had been using drugs but did not assault the girl. He claimed the semen found in the room was not his and that he had not engaged in any activity that would explain its presence, reported KhaoSod.

Despite his denials, the police charged Ronachai with breaking and entering during the night. Further charges related to sexual assault will depend on the results of a medical examination of the girl. If evidence of assault is found, Ronachai will face additional charges for molesting a minor under 18 years old.

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