Teen becomes officer to hunt grandfather’s killer of 16 years

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A 15 year old boy, determined to become a police officer after his grandfather was murdered, spent the next 16 years hunting down the killer until he finally succeeded. This real-life story surpasses any drama.

On October 26, 2008, 81 year old farmer Phrom Krodkaew was brutally murdered in Phanom, Surat Thani. That day, Phrom and his wife went to work on their farm as usual but split up to work on different parts of the land. Shortly after, villagers informed Phrom’s wife that he had been killed with a machete and axe.

The police questioned Phrom’s wife, who was nearby but hadn’t heard anything, not even her husband’s cries for help, due to her hearing impairment. She immediately pointed to the only person she suspected, their neighbour Nopparit, who had longstanding disputes with Phrom over land boundaries.

Investigators from Phanom Police Station found clear evidence implicating Nopparit, known as Ann, then 33 years old. The two men had ongoing conflicts over their adjacent lands, a well-known issue among their relatives. An arrest warrant was issued by the Surat Thani court on October 26, 2008, just five days after the murder. However, Nopparit had already fled and disappeared without a trace.

Phrom’s grandson, Chatchanan Krodkaew, then 15 years old, embarked on a personal mission to find the killer and bring justice to his family. Despite his efforts, the search yielded no results. This unresolved issue deeply troubled the family, who were tormented by their inability to capture Nopparit, said Chatchanan.

“After finding my grandfather’s body, we went to the killer’s house immediately but only found his wife and two children. Nopparit had already fled and lost contact with everyone.”

Over the next decade, local police continued their efforts, but Nopparit managed to stay hidden, aided by his family, who provided shelter and support, knowing he was still wanted.

Murderer arrest

Determined to bring justice for his grandfather, Chatchanan decided to join the police force at 25 years old, believing he could do more as an officer. Throughout his career, Sergeant Chatchanan Krodkaew continued his quest to find Nopparit. Utilising his training and skills, he eventually discovered a lead that placed Nopparit in Koh Samui, working as a construction contractor.

On June 20, 2024, Sergeant Chatchanan coordinated with local police and travelled to Koh Samui. Upon arrival, he began questioning locals, starting with Nopparit’s supervisor. This fortunate encounter revealed details about Nopparit’s vehicle and movements. However, Nopparit was tipped off and attempted to flee once again.

Sergeant Chatchanan, resolute in his mission, was determined to capture him no matter what. He and the local police tracked Nopparit down to his home. Coincidentally, Nopparit was trying to escape when they arrived, leading to a pursuit and his eventual capture, reported Sanook.

As Sergeant Chatchanan prepared to read the arrest warrant, he was overwhelmed with emotion. His hands and voice trembled, so a fellow officer read the warrant instead. Nonetheless, Sergeant Chatchanan personally handcuffed Nopparit, a moment filled with mixed emotions but also relief and validation for his 16-year pursuit.

“My grandmother said now he can rest in peace.”

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