Teacher murders her 5 year old autistic son in southern Thailand

Today, a teacher at a famous school in Hat Yai murdered her autistic 5 year old son by smothering him with a pillow in Songkhla Province, southern Thailand. After the murder, she tried to commit suicide by drinking toilet cleaner but ended up critically ill in hospital.

Officers from Hat Yai Police Station were called to the scene – a condo room – alongside rescue workers from the Hat Yai Friendship Unity Foundation.

Police found a 5 year old boy lying dead on his back, with a pillow and duvets piled up on the floor beside him.

In the bathroom, police found 39 year old Ms. A (pseudonym), a teacher at a government school in the Hat Yai district, in critical condition after drinking a glass of toilet cleaner.

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The building technician told police Ms. A had requested his help after drinking the toilet cleaner. He ran into the condo room where he found the 5 year old boy dead, so he rang the police immediately.

He said that Ms. A killed her son, who is autistic, with a pillow and then intended to kill herself but ended up in unbearable pain from drinking the toilet cleaner so she called for help.

Sources told the police that Ms. A was struggling with debt problems after borrowing a loan from the school and had family problems. She lived alone with her son.

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