Tangmo case: mother demands 179 million baht in compensation

Tangmo, photo via Instagram.

The case of the late actress Tangmo Patcharida Wachiraweerapong’s death continues in Nonthaburi Provincial Court, divided into two separate parts. Previously, suspects Tanuthaphat “Poh” Lertwittayawiset and Paiboon “Robert” Trikanjananun had confessed their involvement. This left four other suspects, Zen Visapach Manomaiyarat, Kritik “Job” Nitatsak Keeratisutthasathorn, and Pheem Dharmatheerasanee or “Em,” to deny the allegations and fight their case in court.

The Nonthaburi Provincial Court has ordered the separation of the case based on the defendants who confessed and those who denied the allegations. Evidence from both parties would be scrutinised before the trial proceeded yesterday. The two sides have already given interviews to the media along with their respective lawyers.

Tangmo‘s mother, Phanida, presented new evidence related to various employment contracts worth over 10 million baht per year. She is suing for a compensation fee of 179 million baht. Reports indicate that after submitting various pieces of evidence for the trial from both parties, Phanida filed a request for Zen Visapach’s bail to be denied, alleging that Zen tampered with vital evidence and had issues with the public prosecutor. The court found no grounds for these claims and dismissed the request.

The court has accepted Phanida’s lawsuit for compensation from the four remaining defendants, amounting to 179 million baht. A new court date for June 29 has been set to examine additional evidence and witnesses.

After the examination of the evidence, Zen Visapach gave an interview, expressing confusion about Tangmo’s mother’s intentions and asked her to show compassion for their side. They also want the case to end but feel that Tangmo’s mother is putting too much pressure on them.

Zen’s lawyer, Pornsak Wibhaswinanon, said that although the court had accepted the requested compensation fee of 179 million baht, the final amount would depend on the evidence provided by Tangmo’s mother. Zen also claims that Tangmo could not possibly have earned 179 million baht as suggested by the compensation fee.

Furthermore, defendant Egachin Jutha Suk Sawat or “Kritik,” Tangmo’s former manager, stated that Tangmo’s expected income of 179 million baht within 20 years was implausible, as sometimes she earned only 15,000 baht per appearance. Tangmo suffered from depression and health issues, and in the last two years, she barely worked. Before her death, Tangmo only had one endorsement deal which Kritik had secured for her.

Regardless of the court’s decision, Tangmo’s mother may still request any amount in compensation, but the court will ultimately decide the outcome. In the meantime, the defendants continue to fight for the truth in the impending court trials.

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