Shootout between a drug dealer and police, 2 dead

Before dying from 3 gunshot wounds to the abdomen by a team of police officers, a drug dealer was able to shoot 2 police officers, killing one and wounding another. The incident happened in Suphan Buri, a central province of Thailand, just north of Bangkok.

The small time drug dealer, 40 year old Phakphum Wareenil was contacted on his Facebook page by an undercover police officer asking to buy 200 methamphetamine pills for 2,000 baht. The dealer arrived at the agreed location late Monday night on a motorcycle at a property in the Don Chedi district.

A team of police officers were waiting to arrest him, including Senior Sergeant Major Anek Homyenjai and Second Lieutenant Direk Rodchai. Once the dealer arrived at the scene, he realised the ‘buyers’ were police and a scuffle began. Gunshots soon followed.

The Second Lieutenant Direk Rodchai was shot in the arm, and senior Sergeant Major Anek Homyenjai was shot in the abdomen. They were taken to Cham Phraya Yommarat Hospital, where the senior office later died.

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Phakphum was shot and killed by members of the police near his motorbike. He was carrying a glass bottle wrapped in black tape with 152 methamphetamine pills inside.

SOURCE: Bangkok Post

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