Rescue workers steal crab sticks from injured car crash victim in Thailand (video)

A video surfaced yesterday of rescue workers stealing a box of crab sticks from the injured victim of a car crash in Samut Prakan province, just south of Bangkok, in central Thailand.

In a live Facebook broadcast, rescue workers filmed themselves stopping their ambulance at the scene of a road accident in front of a Shell gas station on the Bangna – Trad outbound road.

A delivery driver carrying several boxes of crab sticks among other items was knocked off his motorbike in a collision with a taxi. Then, he was hit by a bus. He was sitting up in the middle of the road next to his bike when the rescue workers arrived.

Instead of providing assistance to the injured, the sneaky rescue workers moved their ambulance to block the crab sticks from the view of the injured to stop him from seeing what they were about to do.

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The male volunteer asks…

“Do you want to eat these?”

The female volunteer replies…

“Take another pack!”

He replies…

“That’s enough.”

A concerned citizen watched the clip and reported it to the rescue foundation. Much to his dismay, the foundation acted as if it wasn’t a big deal and took no action, he said.

He said he brought the clip to the media because this is not a trivial matter and shouldn’t be ignored. As a rescue worker, the first priority should be to help victims, not steal from them. The two thieves in the clip should not be allowed to do such a prestigious job, the good Samaritan told the media.

The injured delivery driver, Sarawut Anusorn, said he was delivering various items to a factory in Bang Phli district when he got knocked off his bike by a taxi, and then hit again by a bus, causing him to be injured.

He said the rescue workers arrived and asked him where it hurt, but provided no assistance before leaving. He went to the hospital for treatment himself.

Sarawut said he felt “awful” with the two rescue workers upon watching the clip. The people who were supposed to help him stole from him instead, he said.

Until yesterday, Sarawut was unaware of the missing crab sticks. He said staff from the factory travelled to the scene and collected the items.

The victim said he wants to warn the public to keep an eye on their belongings if they get involved in an accident.


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