Police chief removed from position after massive raid on Bangkok drug party

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The saga around the hundreds of Chinese nationals arrested in Bangkok continues…

After police conducted a massive raid on a drug party in Bangkok early yesterday morning, one police chief has been removed from his position. Police Colonel Thanachot Rerkdee was removed from his position as Yannawa district police chief for reportedly accepting bribes and allowing the operation of an illegal entertainment venue in the district.

Police busted 266 people in the raid on an illegal nightclub located inside three adjacent buildings. Out of those 266 people, 237 were Chinese nationals. About 104 of the partiers had tested positive for drugs, 99 of whom were Chinese nationals.

The investigation chief of the Metropolitan Police Bureau told the Associated Press that about 29 people arrested had Thai, Georgian, Cambodian, Vietnamese, and tribal nationalities.

An initial investigation found that the club was owned by a Chinese national. It had been operating for about two months, mainly serving Chinese customers.

Thanachot allegedly acknowledged the illegal operation and received bribes from the bar owner. He has now been removed from his position as Superintendent ofthe Yannawa district until further notice.


Thailand appears to be struggling a bit in its quest to draw in “high-quality tourists.

Bangkok police arrested hundreds of Chinese citizens at a raid on a drug party in the Sathorn area early this morning. The police busted a total of 266 people at a karaoke venue on Charoen Rat Road. 237 of the busted partiers were Chinese nationals, including 111 men and 126 women.

The police reportedly found several kinds of drugs including ketamine, nimetazepam, and “happy water,” a drug cocktail containing MDMA, methamphetamine, diazepam, and ketamine, Nation Thailand reported.

After the group was drug tested, 104 people were found to have drugs in their system, and 99 of the party-goers with drugs found in their system were Chinese nationals, Khaosod reported.

Those arrested were charged with drug usage and working in an entertainment venue without a permit. Officers also confiscated over 30 luxury cars, while the building’s owner was being tracked down for questioning. The police were also investigating if the cars were linked to known drug rings.

This is not the first party in Thailand where police have found “happy water.” In a raid back in March, police in Pattaya busted a party where teenagers were using the drug cocktail. In April, police stepped up efforts to crack down on happy water.

After the latest drug party raid in Bangkok, time will tell what details further emerge.

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