Muay Thai fighter laughs off sexual assault in video

A well-known Muay Thai fighter joked and showed no remorse after uploading videos of sexually assaulting women at a friend’s birthday party.

Thaworn Sudchanham, also known as Wanchalong PK Saenchai, was slammed for his inappropriate behaviour by a British campaigner against gender-based violence, and by many others, after videos emerged of him sexually assaulting women at a party.

Thaworn uploaded pictures and videos on TikTok of groping embarrassed women while he was seated in a crowded market-type place, Coconuts reported.

Remarkably, the 36 year old champion fighter, from the Seachai Gym who came to public attention after he won a competition run by Muay Thai boxing promotor Petch Yindee promoter, is married. But that does not appear to have stopped the degenerate nor does he appear embarrassed by his lecherous behaviour after the video went viral. On the contrary, he thinks sexual assault is funny.

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Thaworn joked he would not film any more “fun” videos that involve sexual assault. While he was handwashing some clothes, he was recorded on another video saying…

“This is the result of my bad actions. I didn’t think it would be big news. After this, there will be no more like it. I apologize to everyone disappointed in me. Now, my wife has announced a curfew. I’m grounded and must do all the housework and refrain from taking clips with other people.”

Thaworn released another video yesterday saying it was just an act that involved the woman’s consent, adding that “in reality, I’m a sweet guy and not horny.”

In the original clip, posted to TikTok, Thaworn films himself laughing as he squeezes a woman’s bottom as she chatted with someone else. The woman turns toward him and he then tries to grope her breasts. She gives off a nervous laugh and then moves away as his friend tries to stop his indecent behaviour. Another woman is seen slapping him after he gropes her.

The original clip was removed and Thaworn’s TikTok account was made private, but it has been reposted several times.

A British campaigner against gender-based violence, Emma Thomas, also reposted it.

The 30 year old activist is also a Muay Thai fighter and once a victim of attempted rape.

Thomas fights gender-based discrimination and violence against women through her writing and advocacy. She is concerned by the general acceptance of the viral video.

“Sexual objectification, harassment and assault are often passed off as ‘just a joke.’

“This video shows what those things can often look like, and how easily they’re dismissed. It’s easy to describe a perpetrator as a ‘flirt’ or a ‘joker’ and say that it’s ‘just the way he is.’”

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