Meth-induced crime wave hits Hat Yai leading to police chase

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A drug-fuelled crime spree has gripped the city of Hat Yai in Songkhla province, as a 35 year old man, identified by locals as Num Thip, went on a violent rampage following heavy consumption of methamphetamine and crystal meth. The series of events, which occurred today, April 25, resulted in the apprehension of Thitipong Kwamsup by a 50-officer police force, including fast action and investigative teams from various branches within the region.

Thitipong, under the influence of drugs, admitted to the police that he had taken methamphetamine and crystal meth before embarking on his crime spree. In a desperate state induced by hallucinations, he attacked a woman and snatched a motorcycle in the area of Sam Chai.

He continued his assault by using a knife to threaten another woman and stole her motorcycle in front of the JB hotel. His final act before being caught was an attempt to seize another motorcycle and a mobile phone at a red light on Niphat Songkhro Road, but the woman managed to throw her phone to safety before being stabbed three times.

The police were able to track down Thitipong by analysing CCTV footage and arrested him at his home on Soi 1, Sam Chai Road. Inside his house, they found a motorcycle stolen from the second crime scene and later recovered another abandoned motorcycle from Soi 10, Phetkasem Road.

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Thitipong confessed his plan to sell the motorcycles but had not found buyers yet. A mobile phone was also found in his possession, which he claimed to use just for checking the time.

Thitipong’s erratic behaviour had previously led to him assaulting his mother, which forced him to flee the family home. Locals revealed that he had been living alone, as his mother had left the house out of fear of further attacks. When questioned about his motives, Thitipong expressed his dire financial situation and the need to sell the stolen motorcycles to afford necessities like rice, as he was living by himself.

Before his criminal actions, Thitipong had worked as a security guard for three months but quit due to exhaustion and a lack of days off. He was unable to return to work as he could not afford the necessary uniform items. His drug addiction had escalated to daily use, with dealers frequently visiting his home, and Thitipong resorting to borrowing small amounts of money from relatives and neighbours to fund his habit, reported KhaoSod.

The police have charged Thitipong with multiple offences, including attempted robbery, armed robbery, assault, carrying a weapon in public without a permit, and drug use.

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