Man on drug-fuelled spree injures several in Samut Prakan

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A violent rampage involving a man wielding a knife and damaging vehicles ended in multiple injuries and a police arrest under a motorway in Samut Prakan province yesterday, April 24. The incident began with the man attacking his family and colleagues, subsequently stealing a pickup truck, and eventually being subdued by police after a confrontation that left officers and a taxi driver wounded.

The chaos unfolded in the late evening when the 40 year old man, identified only as Samhing, seized a knife and assaulted family members. His frenzy continued as he smashed several cars before fleeing in a stolen Isuzu pickup truck. The vehicle broke down under the Kanchanaphisek Motorway in the Bang Kruai area, where the police patrol encountered him.

Upon arriving at the scene, police found the abandoned pickup with a shattered passenger-side window and blood on the driver’s seat. About 500 metres away, more than 10 officers were restraining a prone Samhing, who appeared to be under the influence of drugs and had sustained a gunshot wound to his right thigh.

Two additional victims were discovered at the scene: a 23 year old officer, Thitipat Ruampalangek, from Prapadaeng Police Station, who had been stabbed in the chest, sustained scrapes on both palms and a gash on his right knee; and a 53 year old taxi driver named Veera, who suffered a knife slash to his left arm. Near the area, Veera’s damaged taxi, a green and yellow Toyota with Bangkok registration, was parked with a shattered window.

The police investigation revealed that Thitipat and his 24 year old colleague, Ekaphon Kittilap, also from Prapadaeng Police Station, had responded to a call for help at the scene. They discovered the Isuzu pickup and approached Samhing, who was acting erratically.

When questioned, Samhing lunged at the officers with a Sparta knife, forcing them to retreat. Samhing pursued the officers, stabbing Thitipat before being shot by police, who fired two rounds to stop him as he tried to attack a taxi with passengers at a toll booth.

Violent attack

The officers ultimately subdued Samhing, who was taken to Bangjak Hospital for treatment. A subsequent urine test revealed the presence of methamphetamine in his system, leading to charges including attempted murder of law enforcement officials, armed robbery causing bodily harm, and drug use while operating a vehicle.

Winai, a 32 year old colleague of Samhing and the owner of the damaged vehicle recounted that before the rampage, Samhing had shown signs of illness, vomiting blood, and had been given medication. However, Samhing’s condition escalated, resulting in the attack at the garage, causing several vehicles to be damaged, reported KhaoSod.

The taxi passengers, including 34 year old Suphachok, witnessed the attack, as Soming approached the taxi, prompting him to warn the driver to raise the windows upon seeing the weapon. The ensuing struggle inside the taxi left Veera injured, while the passenger escaped unharmed.

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