Tragic school knife fight claims life and leaves three injured in northeast Thailand

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A devastating incident unfolded at a renowned school in Sisaket province, northeast Thailand, as a confrontation between seventh and eighth-grade students escalated into a fatal knife fight, resulting in one fatality and three injuries. The school promptly informed the police, who started an investigation to pursue legal measures.

Yesterday, May 29, amidst the sombre atmosphere of grieving teenage students, a fight broke out between students from two different classes at a well-known school in Sisaket province. The confrontation quickly escalated into a knife fight, resulting in one student lying dead on the school grounds. Teachers managed to intervene and provide assistance to the injured students, but one of them suffered critical wounds, making it impossible to save his life.

Three other students were injured during the brawl, including two who had sustained serious injuries. The school promptly contacted the local police, who are now investigating the case and proceeding with legal action. Meanwhile, the injured students were transported to a nearby hospital in Sisaket for treatment. It is believed that the conflict began when student A and student B fought during their lunch break. This escalated, with student A taunting student B more aggressively, causing anger and tensions to rise.

Later, as the students changed classes, student B gathered a group to confront student A, who was sitting with friends outside the classroom. However, the attempt to resolve the issue ended disastrously when the violence erupted, and student B reportedly stabbed student A multiple times in the chest and other areas of the body.

The stabbing resulted in student A’s death, while several others were left injured in the fight. Teachers quickly took action, sending the injured students to the hospital and restraining student B at the scene of the incident.

Upon further investigation, the police detained student B, who admitted to stabbing student A and causing his death due to personal animosity. The police will continue their inquiry into the case, following up with legal proceedings accordingly.

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