Italian man throws furniture off Pattaya balcony, tests positive for ‘ice’ (video)

Italian man throws furniture off balcony, photo by The Pattaya News.

An Italian man made a scene in front of over 100 witnesses on Wednesday night when he threw furniture and large items off a Pattaya balcony. This was at the Charlie Place Hotel on Soi Buakhao, located in the Nong Prue sub-district of Bang Lamung district. The man blamed marijuana for his shocking behaviour, however, the man later reportedly tested positive for crystal methamphetamine or ‘ice.

The man, 43 year old Antonio M, hurled items including a television, a vanity table, and a refrigerator from a balcony on the hotel’s second floor. A crowd of witnesses gathered to watch the bizarre incident, and footage from The Pattaya News shows some witnesses capturing the incident on their mobile phones.

Pattaya Police had to break down Antonio’s door to enter his room. Police said Antonio was highly uncooperative and in a frenzy. Officers found marijuana, rolling papers, and paraphernalia in Antonio’s room. The officers arrested him and brought him to the station.

Antonio’s Thai girlfriend, ‘Nid,’ had been in a relationship with Antonio for two months, and he had never acted in such a frantic manner before. Nid said Antonio had locked himself inside the hotel room after smoking a lot of marijuana and becoming paranoid.

Nid stated that Antonio believed someone was attempting to harm him, causing him to panic and throw items from the balcony. Police reported that one motorcycle was damaged in the incident.

Antonio was arrested and is facing charges. Antonio reportedly blamed his behaviour on temporary psychosis from marijuana, but police cautioned that this was not medically proven, and other factors could be at fault.

According to the Thai news outlet Channel 3 Plus, authorities did not find evidence of marijuana use when drug-testing Antonio. When Antonio’s urine was purple, police brought him to a hospital for another examination, and found that there was a narcotic substance in his body. Police then handed Antonio to investigators on allegations of using a type 1 drug (ice).

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