Intoxicated Phuket man carries chicken around all night long

Photo by The Phuket Express.

An intoxicated Phuket man had a wild night carrying around something rather… random. The man was caught on Saturday morning after walking around carrying knives and a chicken all night long on Coconut Island off the main city district.

Police caught the man, 37 year old Jaran, who had reportedly scared residents. Jaran had two knives, a chicken, and an unnamed medicine that requires a prescription that Jaran didn’t have, The Phuket Express reported.

Jaran’s mother told police that Jaran is mentally unstable, possibly due to using illegal drugs. She said Jaran had been previously treated for his mental illness, but didn’t take the proper medicine.

Jaran was brought to a hospital to take a urine test. He tested positive for illegal drugs, although police have not yet identified which drugs.

It remains unclear what happened to the chicken.

Intoxicated people have done some funny things in Thailand, to say the very least. Back in March, an intoxicated man in Chon Buri province told police the pink flower he wore on his ear was ‘magical,’ and made him invisible. He said this after allegedly running shirtless through traffic.

In February, a woman smoking meth at a Pattaya laundromat tried to convince police to join her.

Jaran’s act of carrying around a chicken is just Thailand’s latest quirky intoxication incident.

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Tara Abhasakun

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