Thai man robbed by cannabis dealer at knife-point in Pattaya

Photo by นันทพล ทิพย์ศรี and ทิวากร กฤษมณี via ข่าวคนชล and สภ.เมืองพัทยา

A Thai man filed a complaint with police after he was allegedly forced to strip naked as he was being robbed at knife-point by a cannabis dealer in Pattaya. The suspect was arrested but denied all allegations, saying they were friends and he would never rob a friend.

Anukun Sichan filed the complaint at Mueng Pattaya Police Station yesterday at 8pm. The 28 year old said the thief, Nontawat Jamchan, held him at knife-point, forced him to take off his clothes and stole 1,200 baht. The victim also said the suspect tried to stab him.

Anukun revealed he was enjoying a beer alone on Pattaya beach when he was approached by a dark-skinned man about 180 centimetres tall. Nontawat greeted him and asked whether he would like to drink some Thai rice whisky with him.

The alleged victim agreed and they moved to an abandoned building in Soi Pattaya on 13/4 because it was raining.

Nontawat asked Anukun to join him and have a pee behind the building. It was at that point he threatened and stole his money. He also tried to stab him but Anukun managed to escape.

The police later arrested the 28 year old suspect on the same day at 11.30pm and seized Anukun’s money from the cannabis dealer.

Nontawat insisted that he did not steal Anukun’s money because they were friends.

Nontawat said…

“Why did a friend do this to me?”

Nontawat confessed he used drugs but insisted he only fought with his friend Anukun because they were drunk. He did not rob him.

The police officer investigating the case said he did not believe Nontawat’s side of the story because he had form for drugs and theft offences in the past.

The penalties against Nontawat were not included in the officer’s report because he made known that further investigation was required before he provided justice to both parties.

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