Bangkok’s brave trio: Police heroes steal hearts after Siam Paragon shooting

Photo: Siam, on twitter.

A commendable and heroic act by three dedicated police officers unfolded in the bustling heart of Bangkok, garnering widespread admiration and recognition from both the Deputy National Police Chief and an appreciative online community after the Siam Paragon shooting incident.

The officers were hailed for their exceptional professionalism and valour as they apprehended the teenage perpetrator involved in a shooting incident within Siam Paragon, which claimed the lives of two women and injured five at the iconic shopping mall in the Thai capital.

Deputy National Police Chief, Police Lieutenant General Nopphon Poonsawat bestowed accolades upon the officers, underscoring their exceptional courage and commitment to upholding law and order. Their actions were a testament to the unwavering dedication of law enforcement personnel in the face of adversity.

The accolades were formally presented by Police Lieutenant General Nakarin Sukontawit, the Chief of Metropolitan Police Bureau 6, who joined Police Lieutenant General Nopphon Poonsawat in commending these exemplary officers. Their achievements resonated deeply within the ranks of the police force and captured the attention of a public deeply appreciative of their actions.

The Eight-Star Scoop page, a platform known for its dedication to showcasing acts of valour and heroism, shared poignant photographs capturing the moment of recognition.

Police Lieutenant Colonel Thanyamorn Nuannarath, Deputy Chief of the Pathumwan Police Station, stood tall among the honoured officers. Alongside him were Police Sergeant Major Korn Sriphrom and Police Sergeant Major Nantanut Sutthamma, both esteemed members of the Patrol Police at Samranrat Police Station.

The shooting incident that drew attention to these remarkable individuals occurred within the bustling confines of Siam Paragon, a well-known shopping destination frequented by residents and tourists alike.

The perpetrator’s brazen actions and the ensuing police response became the focus of intense scrutiny on social media platforms. Praises and words of encouragement flowed in from a deeply moved online community, commending the officers for their remarkable composure and swift action in a crisis, reported Khaosod.

The unforgettable moment of these officers successfully capturing the gunman was captured on video and in numerous photographs that rapidly spread across the digital landscape, becoming emblematic of their valour and commitment.

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