Former aide arrested in Nakhon Pathom for illegal firearm sales

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Police arrested a former aide to a well-known provincial headman in Nakhon Pathom for illegal firearms sales, claiming he had a passion and skill for it. The suspect is currently appealing a conviction for evidence destruction related to a high-profile murder case.

Police arrested 39 year old Chatree on charges of selling firearms and ammunition without a permit, possessing firearms and ammunition without a permit, carrying firearms and ammunition in public without a valid reason or urgent necessity, possessing category 1 narcotics (methamphetamine) without a permit while armed, and using category 1 narcotics (methamphetamine) illegally.

Police confiscated a modified blank gun capable of firing live ammunition, 10.380-calibre bullets, eight methamphetamine pills, and a mobile phone. The arrest took place yesterday around 2.20pm, following an undercover operation where officers arranged to purchase a gun from Chatree for 14,000 baht (US$380) and 10 bullets for 500 baht (US$14).

The transaction was set to occur at a car park inside Chulamanee Temple in Bang Chang, Amphawa, Samut Songkhram. Police observed the location and apprehended Chatree when he handed over the firearms and ammunition to the undercover officers. A search revealed eight methamphetamine pills in his trouser pocket.

Chatree admitted to manufacturing and selling illegal firearms, citing his interest and expertise in the area. He currently works as a gardener at the house of former headman Nok. Chatree has a criminal record for drug possession and was previously an aide to Nok, the ex-headman of Nakhon Pathom, who made headlines for shooting a highway police officer at a party in his residence.

Chatree was arrested for destroying evidence in that case, receiving a sentence of one year and nine months in prison, which he is now appealing. The police have transferred him to Amphawa Police Station for legal proceedings.

Illegal firearms

“I admit to making and selling illegal firearms. It’s something I like and good at,” Chatree confessed during the investigation.

Officer Voravit Yanchinda, along with other senior officers, led the operation. They revealed that Chatree had been under surveillance for his activities involving the illegal sale of firearms and ammunition through Facebook. The police orchestrated the sting operation to catch him in the act.

The suspect’s connection to the high-profile case involving former headman Nok adds a layer of complexity to his criminal activities. Nok’s notoriety stems from the murder of Inspector Siwan in a widely publicised incident. Chatree’s involvement in the destruction of evidence in that case led to his initial arrest and subsequent conviction, reported KhaoSod.

As the legal process continues, Chatree remains in custody, and the police are preparing to present the case to the court. His appeal regarding the previous conviction is still pending, adding another dimension to his current legal troubles.

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