Bangkok man nabbed for stealing flowers worth up to 20,000 baht

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Bangkok police recently detained a 31 year old man in connection with a series of flower thefts at Pak Khlong Talat market. The suspect apprehended at the entrance to Klong Toey Community, has confessed to the crimes, admitting to four instances of theft.

The operation led by the Deputy Chief of the Pak Khlong Talat Police and his team followed the issuance of an arrest warrant by the Criminal Court on April 26.

The investigation was spurred by complaints from local vendors who reported multiple thefts of flower boxes placed at delivery points, each incident costing them between 10,000 and 20,000 baht (US$270 and US$540). The police managed to compile evidence leading to the identification of Siriwat as the suspect, which resulted in the criminal court granting an arrest warrant.

Upon his arrest, Siriwat detailed his modus operandi, revealing a premeditated scheme where he targeted brown parcel boxes filled with flowers intended for market delivery. He would spot these boxes at the market and enlist homeless individuals near Sanam Luang or canal areas to assist in the theft.

Offering them a fee for their help, he would transport them to the designated pickup spot where they would lift the boxes onto a waiting tuk tuk or tricycle. Siriwat would then resell the stolen flowers to vendors in the Klong Toey market, claiming to have purchased them as second-hand goods, reported KhaoSod.

Following his confession, Siriwat was taken to the investigative department of the Pak Khlong Talat police station to complete the arrest report and associated documentation. He is presently in the custody of the Pak Khlong Talat police, awaiting further legal proceedings.

In related news, in Huay Yai, Chon Buri, two thieves were apprehended in the act of stealing power cables by vigilant locals. One of the culprits confessed that the motive behind this crime was to fund his birthday celebration and substance abuse habits.

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